My Top Lessons From Working With An 8 Figure Startup

Want To Elevate Your Brand And Succeed In Any Niche?

Here are my top lessons from working with an 8 figure startup:

1. Watch your competitors and make your product better. 

Even if there's millions of the same product in circulation, doesn't mean they're good. 

Create a product that's better than the current supply and you'll win more customers.

2. Find people smarter than you and get them to work with you.

Admitting that you don't know it all is one of the biggest keys to success. 

Find a team that compliment's your weaknesses and you'll go far.

3. Successful startups = idea x execution x timing

Too many people get stuck on the idea and never execute their product.

When the market is hot for a solution. It's time to take action.

4. Know the difference between building an audience and building a community:

Building an audience is you helping people. 

Building a community is you providing the tools that help people help each other.

5. The most dangerous...

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7 Rare Branding Techniques Everyone Should Use to Build a Profitable Business

1. Master the art of attraction

People are attracted to brands that add value to their life. 

- Find your charisma.

- Serve a need in your audiences life.

- Help them overcome challenges.

- Advocate for what they care about most. 

2. Always make a great first impression. 

Your first impression on your customers sets the tone of the relationship. 

- Open the conversation with a joke.

- Greet customers when they first walk into your store.

- Make unboxing your product memorable. 

- Make people smile on your first call.

3. Master the art of the last impression. 

Last impressions count just as much as the first.

- Thank customers as they leave your store. 

- Find out if they managed to get what they wanted.

- Do something surprising at the end of the call to stay on your customers mind. 

(example: make your proposals fun to break the ice when presenting the price)

4. Consistency.

The easiest way to be memorable is to always be there for your...

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This Underrated Marketing Strategy Will Change Your Life

I'm going to show you my call to action formula that has generated 10,000+ leads and converted hundreds of customers in less than 30 days:

1. Always start with why

Make your CTA's benefit-oriented. This gives people a reason to take action.

2. Include a bold promise

Be bolder than a benefit and take it to the next level.

Tell people that taking action now will see even greater impact in the long term.

3. Provide a specific timeframe

Being time-specific provides an element of certainty to your request.

4. Keep it to a small request.

Asking people to take too many actions is stressful. Keep it simple to see better conversions.

5. Gain bitesize commitment 

Jumping straight into a request for a sale on social media is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. 

- Ask for a little

- Build familiarity and trust

- Gain bitesize commitment

- Ask for more slowly through email

- Gain the sale

Want to start making money with your luxury brand? - Check out our...

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7 Marketing Secrets To Make Your Business 3x More Profitable

1. Use upsells more often

Add more value to your customers and increase average spend per customer

2. Create psychological ownership inside your customers mind.

- Show what your customers want most in their life in your advertising. 

- Use words like "Imagine" to help your customers visualize owning your product

- Couple this with emotional benefits to increase conversions. 

3. Use Social Proof Everywhere

Customers are skeptical. Prove you can deliver.

4. Stop Selling to Sell More. 

When customers are hit with sales pitches every day, it gets tiring, and looks desperate.

- Lead with Value. 

- Aim for more conversations with customers

- Direct potential customers to a waitlist 

- Sell to a closed off micro-community

This generates more interest and desire in your product leading to more sales.

5. Admit your weaknesses

Rather than try to BS your customers, be transparent, even when customers leave negative reviews.

6. Use gamification to get customers addicted...

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7 Little Known Tips To Make Customers Fall in Love With You Immediately

A psychology guide to get more customers to buy from you:

1. Label your customers.

- People want to feel part of a group. 

- Speak specifically to the type of customer you want to attract. 

Labelling allows your ideal customer to feel like you serve exactly what they need.

2. Play devil's advocate.

- Speak about what your product can't do vs what it can do. 

- Makes you come across as more transparent and trustworthy. 

This shows confidence and knowledge in your product and that you are not trying to mislead customers.

3. Use the loss-aversion bias. 

People are more likely to take action when there is something to lose over something to be gained. 

- Reframe wins as losses

- Mention the knock-on effects of not 

taking action. 

- Explain the opportunities that would be missed if they don't buy

4. Play hard to get

People desire more what they can't have.

- Make your product seem like an enticing challenge.

- It makes the reward sweeter when...

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6 Lessons Disney Taught Me About Building a Profitable Brand

1. A common enemy attracts customers

Unite against a bad guy to attract more customers. 

- Identify a common problem.

- Make the problem sinister. 

- Show customers your plan to beat the problem. 

The bigger the problem, the more customers you'll attract. 

2. People buy the whole experience. 

- People don't buy into logos. 

- People don't buy into colour palettes, or fonts. 

- People buy into the whole experience. 

Every detail counts towards building a brand. 

3. The money is in the feelings. 

- People don't remember what you say. 

- They barely remember what you do. 

- People remember how you make them feel. 

A good feeling will always lead to more sales

4. People buy from people. 

We don't buy from Disney, we buy into the characters behind the brand. 

- Build a personal brand. 

- Connect personally with your customers

- Build trust and the sales will come. 

The future of business is personal.


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9 Rare Steps To Create Your Luxury Brand

1. Luxury brands don't compete.

There is no comparison with luxury brands.

Focus on your own unique identity and the reasons why your customers should resonate with it.

2. Use the price/value bias

The higher the price the more the perceived value.

Focus on the meaning behind your brand, and what it means to use your product to influence the perceived value.

3. Sell to those who want to be rich

Its been proven by social science and psychology that luxury brands don't sell to the rich, they sell to those that want to be rich.

Your price point should be just outside of your target Audience's income.

4. Ignore rising demand.

Luxury brands don't tweak quantity to respond to new demand of consumers.

Set a specific number of units you are willing to produce and stick to it.

5. Target people with low self-esteem

Speak to customers Esteem needs. Make your customers feel like a better person

6. Use the forbidden fruit effect

Luxury brands intentionally keep anyone that is not a super fan...

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5 Strategies You Need To Steal To Build A Profitable Business

1. Give your customers a voice. 

We all want to be heard. Smart businesses serve customers who's needs aren't met. 


- Uber. Customers that wanted a simpler way to get a taxi. 

- Airbnb. Customers looking to make extra money from having a spare room

2. Use the "Gruen Transfer" technique to increase customers desire to buy. 

Do this by leveraging: 

- Vivid imagery upon entering. 

- Immense benefits and value to customer

 - Bright colours 

All in attempt to overwhelm your customer, causing spikes in dopamine that raise the desire to buy. 

Example: IKEA stores

3. Communicate in pictures. 

Understand that the human brain thinks in pictures

If I say "Purple Lion"... you don't think of the words. You see a Purple lion. 

When trying to persuade, put what you're trying to communicate into images for better conversions.

4. Create a brand identity that reflects your customers identity. 

Your customers want to see a...

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7 Branding Tips That Influence Customers, Win Hearts, And Make You Extremely Profitable!

Branding is a key business skill. Learning it will make you millions.

Here are 7 branding tips that influence customers, win hearts, and make you extremely profitable:

Tip #1: Focus on first and last impression.

People are more likely to remember the first and last thing you say. Anything in between is often forgotten. Here's how you apply it: 

- Lead with strong opening titles. 

- Start and end sentences with the most important information.

Tip #2: Focus Internally First. 

This means focusing on:

- Building your Team

- Creating a thriving work Culture

- Having Standard Operating Procedures in place

A happy team creates happy customers.

Tip #3: “People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” 

– Theodore Levitt.

The lesson here is that people don't want your product, they want the result of your product.

Tip #4. Create your brand identity around a lifestyle

It might look like brands like Nike sell to everyone....

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Want To Elevate Your Brand And Succeed In Any Niche?

Here are my top lessons from working with an 8 figure startup part 2:

1. Starting your own business exposes all your flaws. 

Growing your business requires self awareness: 

- Drop your ego. 

- Acknowledge where you're wrong. 

- Become better to grow personally and profitably.

2. Unstoppable businesses have a vision, plan and discipline. 

- Know your destination.

- Show other's the map.

- Put in the work to get there.

3. Always test your startup idea, use these three questions: 

- What is valuable? 

- What can I do better or different? 

- What is nobody else doing?

4. The two most important things when creating a new product/service are: 

- Customer Pain 

- Customer priority 

Most startups are great at solving existing problems. What they fail to address is whether those problems are a priority for the customer.

5. Great businesses don't exist without understanding psychology. 

Study these principles to 10x...

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