Who are the CEO's behind the Business?

The Story of Alek & Robbie

With over 18+ years of total experience in Sales, Marketing and Branding, Alek & Robbie have a big mission: Help 1 Million + people live a financially stress-free life!

How did it all start?

One conversation turned into a 6-figure + business in less than 1 year!

A little over 2 years ago, Alek was just starting his Social Media journey, and had no idea about the direction of his online brand. He was lost and wanted a clear direction, and seeked help from Robert, who already had a successful brand and a great online presence.

Once on the discovery call, Alek noticed that Robert was an incredible expert in Branding, but not a master in Sales. Therefore, Alek suggested an exchange of services. They both agreed that having the help of the other would be useful.

After working together for a month, it was clear they shared the same values, and had the same mission: help 1 Million people live a financially stress-free life, just by posting content online.

One DM conversation led to them founding CEO Sphere, a now internationally recognised educational institution, in which they teach Sales, Marketing & Branding. They've amassed 700,000+ followers across Social Media and helped over 1500+ students thrive in business.

Business is fun, when you share a common vision which impacts millions

We are continuously developing new tools & sharing business opportunities to help more creators become the CEO's of their life. 

We like to think working with us is quite fun as we use humour in most of our teachings.

With 400+ members part of our Exclusive Business Community, we want you to have TOP Entrepreneurial support & guidance to achieve financial freedom.

It is not easy, but it's easier to achieve your dreams, when you have the right strategies and support.

Who is Alek Angelov?

  • Sales & Marketing Expert, generated over $10M + in deals for clients & brands
  • Worked with Multi-Billion $ brands such as Swissport and coached 500+ clients 1-1.
  • 100,000+ followers on Instagram in 1 year (@alek.octopus)
  • Has lived in 3+ countries and speaks 4 languages.


Fun Facts about CEO Alek

Certified Lie Detection Expert

Alek has completed a Masters in Psychophysiology and is certified in lie-detection. He is one of the youngest polygraph experts worldwide.

Once met Rihanna by a pool

On his journey to Trinidad and Tobago, Alek met Rihanna. They did not speak about Sales... or business... or at all! - But they did share an infinity pool.

Firmly believes Cheese is divine

Alek is well-known for having a monumental amount of cheese šŸ§€ almost on a daily basis. He believes cheese is the essence of life and is willing to argue about it.

Who is Robbie Murray?

  • Branding & Marketing Expert for 12 years.
  • Worked with Multi-BillionĀ Financial Corporations such HSBC, J.P. Morgan and Citi.Ā 
  • 500,000 followers+ on Instagram, Grew 100K+ audience on TikTok in 1 month.Ā 


Fun Facts about CEO Robbie

Once Chased Down By A Bull As A Kid

In his time growing up in Scotland, Robbie had the 'pleasure' of standing off against a bull. Did he face the bull head-on, or hide in a bush petrified?... you can always ask him.

Tea addict through and through

Not a day goes by without at least one cuppa. He considers himself quite the connoisseur when it comes to tea... and has an entire cupboard shelf dedicated to tea!

Once the Front Man for a Metal Band

Don't let his quiet nature fool you. His secret is out! You might say he got all the loud out when he was younger... He still loves metal though šŸ¤˜

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