Things I wish I knew at 18 to get to 100k faster

1️⃣ Focus on your goals. The parties will still be there when you made your dreams come true👇

Don’t get distracted!

2️⃣ When you stop learning, you get left behind. Never stop educating yourself. 👇

If you don’t invest in yourself, don’t expect others to do so either.

3️⃣ Discipline, consistency, and perseverance will take you places motivation never could. 👇

Read it again.

4️⃣ Two traps you need to avoid: 👇

  • Caring what they think
  • Wondering if they care

5️⃣ Disappear for 6 months, set clear goals, do a ton of deep work… get 1% better each day.👇

The results will come, it’s a matter of time now.

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Robert & Alek
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