7 Rare Branding Techniques Everyone Should Use to Build a Profitable Business

1. Master the art of attraction

People are attracted to brands that add value to their life. 

- Find your charisma.

- Serve a need in your audiences life.

- Help them overcome challenges.

- Advocate for what they care about most. 

2. Always make a great first impression. 

Your first impression on your customers sets the tone of the relationship. 

- Open the conversation with a joke.

- Greet customers when they first walk into your store.

- Make unboxing your product memorable. 

- Make people smile on your first call.

3. Master the art of the last impression. 

Last impressions count just as much as the first.

- Thank customers as they leave your store. 

- Find out if they managed to get what they wanted.

- Do something surprising at the end of the call to stay on your customers mind. 

(example: make your proposals fun to break the ice when presenting the price)

4. Consistency.

The easiest way to be memorable is to always be there for your customers. 

- Customers are 73% more likely to buy from a brand that maintains a consistent presence than those with a flaky online presence. 

- Be present, Remain relevant. 

5. Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. 

- The most successful brands are brave. 

- They push boundaries. 

- Dare to go where others are afraid to go. 

Take risks and reap the reward. 

6. Solve bigger problems. 

The most successful businesses don't just sell products. They sell solutions. 

- Nike fights for equality.

- Dove fights for women to develop a positive relationship with beauty

- Patagonia fights to protect the environment. 

The bigger the solution. The more people pay attention to your efforts. 

7. Don't start with your Logo. Start with the meaning. 

❌ Without meaning. You don't have a brand. You have a business with graphics. 

✅ Starting with the meaning ensures your brand has:

- Character/Charisma 

- Purpose

- A clear message. 

- Emotional response with customers. 

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Robert & Alek
CEO Sphere


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