7 things that helped me make more money online

1️⃣ Understanding who would pay for my solutionπŸ‘‡

The easiest way to make more money is identifying people who have a problem they want to solve, then offering a solution to it!

2️⃣ Posting consistently on Social Media πŸ‘‡

The more you post, the more you are seen, therefore, the more money you can make!

-consistently doesn't mean daily, but yes, I do post daily-

3️⃣ Learning from competitors who are ahead of me πŸ‘‡

The first people I followed were my 'competitors' who were doing better than me.

I analyzed everything they do, used their strengths and didn't repeat their mistakes!

4️⃣ Build systems in place which allow me to grow, sell and have free time πŸ‘‡

You need templates, clearly mapped funnels & even scripts to help you!

5️⃣ I collaborated with creators who I admire πŸ‘‡

Collaborating allows you to:

  • Learn more.
  • Get in front of more people.
  • Have more fun.

6️⃣ Learnt to have more fun even when I had less likes :)

Distant yourself from the results. Focus

on the action you take, not the results necessarily. 

YES, often results are influenced by the algorithm.

7️⃣ Never quit πŸ‘‡

If you never quit, you won't ever fail, 

it's simple!

Growth, money and fame are all guaranteed if you have a great strategy and never quit.

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Robert & Alek
CEO Sphere


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