Do you also want to close every single lead and make money from every call?

All those prospects and leads lying to you, losing your time and making you lose money along the way.

To get to 10,000$+ a month, you need to speak with prospects who are worth high-ticket deals. When objections hit, you must have an answer, otherwise, you will not be convincing.

Many will put excuses like these when it comes to buying your product. If you do not know how to handle the situation you will lose a lot of money. This guide solves this problem and helps you achieve your financial goals. 

Get the money you deserve.

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They keep lying to you!

The majority of leads keep lying to you about why they don't want to buy your product or service. They put excuse after excuse, and you lose more and more money. Let's end that today.


Even with a huge social proof and massive following, if you don't know how to monetise it, you won't be able to make any money. You will face excuses after excuses.


'I give up Alek, they went with someone else again'.

Those were the exact words Jessica told me, before I revealed to her the secret of going from broke & disrespected, to 6-figures and fully booked out.

'I can't make money online, people ghost me'

What's the secret sauce?

My Instagram DM's are crammed with people asking me how can I make a lot of money online? - As they struggle to desperately try to crack the code to  consistent Sales.

The truth is, I didn't believe in those results either... until our newly launched shop was faced with no excuses, but TRANSACTIONS. 

Reality is...

You need to learn the technique to never be ghosted. I was exactly in your same position, wondering what makes the difference... and you know what?

One word can make or break a deal.

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Roshni Sammohi

While selling is an art, handling objections in sales is a hard nut to crack. Having CEO Sphere's guide has simplified the process of understanding the kind of objections we face, what they actually mean and how they can be dealt with.

The guide is a precious gem with concepts presented in a simplified and digestible manner. I struggle to handle objections confidently while on the call and end up losing the sale, having this guide has made the process easy for me.

Will this work for me?

It depends... will you work for it? - Many people know that they need to exercise, yet they sit down and do nothing all day.

Will you follow the formula to convert excuses into cash?

Will you learn the communication tonalities to influence decisions?

The people who applied the Octopus technique, won big.

Now, they applied every single technique inside this guide, making it impossible to fail. They converted ghosts into money.

Now, I can't guarantee this will work for you, but what I can guarantee is that if you apply the techniques inside, you will make more money than ever. There is no other way but to obliterate and build your journey full of success.

The new method to obliterate objections, lies and excuses

  • Easy to use formula.
  • Targets emotions in order to influence the decision of the lead.
  • Helps you guide the prospect to obtain your service.
  • Provides different tonalities for different situations.
  • Helps you identify excuses & convert them into cash.
  • Gold Midas touch: convert lies into money.
  • Ghost-breaker: even ghosts will pay you.

Old traditional method

  • Sneaky salesy techniques.
  • Complex 37 steps to handle objections.
  • Pushy ways to convince prospects to buy.
  • 1 tone for 1 type of lead.
  • Doesn't guarantee no money.
  • Makes you sound like a robot.
  • Applies old and outdated tactics.
  • Gets you ghosted and blocked.

How this guide will solve your problems?

  • It provides you with a clear structure on how to handle every objection.
  • It gives you the step-by-step on how to turn leads into clients.
  • Provides direct examples on how to handle different situations.
  • Gives you the right tonality of speech in every situation.
  • Powerful scripts to convert excuses into money.
  • Never lose a prospect again.
  • Guaranteed sales increase.
  • You will make money with this guide.
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Excuse Breaker

The formula to break excuses and convert them into cash. 

Objection Obliteration Formula

Step-by-Step formula to smashing Objections and Lies.

Tonality Mastery

The way you speak can make or break a deal. We help you with it.

Why Octopus?

People in Sales call me Octopus because I do not let leads get away. Every deal is a closed deal. How? By using unique methodologies to obliterate objections and turn excuses into cash. Do you want to dominate Sales too?

I want to dominate Sales

Viraj Singh

I have read many e-books and physical books. I am an avid reader of them. But believe me, this is one of the most concise and on-point books I have seen so far. When you start reading it once you won't stop in between until you reach the end. This helps you both physically and psychologically to master the objections with the right framework and tonality.
If I have to sum up this book in one word it would be " On point". I feel much more confident while on a client call after reading this. Thank you for making such a masterpiece 😍

While you are thinking, people are banking!

Every day you spend wondering about if you should invest $17, you are losing $1000s... as people keep ghosting you, ignoring you and giving you hope that THEY WILL COME BACK!

Enough false hope and broken dreams, it's time for you to make money by handling all objections before even jumping on any call.

My students have already generated hundreds of thousands with my techniques. An Octopus never losses its grip, and so, you won't ever lose your grip on any lead.

Imagine if you could close every single lead without any effort. How would that change your sales?

Still not convinced?

These are the exact techniques that have helped me and my clients achieve more than half a million (500,000$+) in Sales. If you want to increase your income and save time, obtain your guide below.

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