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I spent literally years honing my craft and improving my technique, and now I want you to have similar results. 

Now does that mean you'll make crazy sales with design?

Well, it depends. The truth is, there are many factors that go into increasing your income. Like with everything, individual results vary.

The truth is, most people don’t get results when buying any type of “how-to information” and we believe that’s due to the fact that they aren’t committed, quit down the road and don’t put in the necessary work to make it happen. However, we believe if you’re serious about this and put in the work, the sky's the limit.

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We do this without leaving out any secrets. We honestly believe this is the best information you’ll find anywhere about Instagram Carousel Design.

It’s 100% up to date, fresh and in-depth and every step is focused on total action. No abstract theory a step-by-step Design Master Course.

I believe no other course is going to help you create attractive designs on social media and stand out from the crowd. 

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Have you ever watched a tutorial for ages and wondered, "when am I going to learn something I can actually apply?" 

We have felt that way too. With this course, everything is designed to be completely actionable so you can go from design noob to pro quickly. 

Every second focuses on you leveraging design to make you more money 

I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what’s included. So here’s exactly what you’re getting:

Carousel Designs From Scratch

All the necessary knowledge brought to you step-by-step so that you can create stunning carousels designs for your brand on Social Media.

Value: $397

Where To Find Stunning Visuals For Your Design

An in-depth tutorial on where to find stunning visuals that attract your customers to your content!

Value: $197

Font Tutorial

Stand out on Social Media by learning what font choice is best for your design and your brand and how to customise fonts to make it unique to your brand.

Value: $174

White Background Remover

Learn the best ways to remove white backgrounds in this short and simple tutorial! 

Value: $37

Mask Effect Tutorial

Learn how to use the mask tool to allow you to create unique visual effects that stand out on social media. 

Value: $197

How To Add Drop Shadows Tutorial

Learn to make drop shadows that make your images pop on Instagram. 

Value: $67

Add your Brand Colours To your Designs

Learn how to apply your own brand colours to the images you use in your design. 

Value: $97

Create Visually Captivating Black and White Imagery Fast

Simple and effective tutorial on how to create stunning black and white versions of your photos

Value: $97

Image Blending Mastery

Master image blending to create seamless Instagram carousels that entice your audience! 

Value: $97

Texture Background Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to create stunning texture backgrounds for your Instagram carousel designs

Value: $59

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Bonus #1:  Carousel Guides in One Click

A simple and time effective photoshop action that creates the guides for your carousel design. 

Value: $47

Bonus #2:  9 Slide Grid For Carousels

An easy to use Grid for showcasing your most recent Instagram Carousel Design on your Instagram Stories.

Value: $37

Bonus #3: Premium Carousel Design Templates

My prized design templates come as an exclusive bonus when you purchase this offer today! 

Value: $197

Bonus #4: Exclusive Footage to Master Carousel Design

A compilation of our best tutorials to give you the design edge needed to master photoshop and your design skills.  

Value: $463

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Meet the Creator

Wassim is a Graphic Design Expert responsible for managing creative projects for multi-million dollar brands such as UNICEF, Bank of Beirut, and the Lebanon Latin Festival. His tutorials and design knowledge have amassed a combined audience of over 110,000  bringing over 5 million views to his brand monthly!

This course is proudly endorsed by the Founders of CEO Sphere, Alek and Robbie. Wassim is bringing 20+ years of Design experience that has proven to gain attention on social media. We ensure 100% satisfaction.

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