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 Automatic Clients is the only academy you will ever need to be part of to Grow your influence and master High-Ticket Sales Online. Over 100 hours of interactive Sales, Marketing and Branding resources to build your high-net-worth lifestyle.

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What You'll Get

Mastering Objections

Learn how to handle objections and turn complaining leads into loyal customers. Know what to say to every customer and become a TOP closer.

Individual Price


How to Brand yourself like a High-Net Worth individual

Discover your brand archetype, identity and style, that will make clients want to obsessively buy from you.

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The ‘Go Viral’ Framework that brought us 400,000+ followers in 45 days

Learn the exact step-by-step framework we used to attract 400,000+ leads in 45 days on Instagram.

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The $1,000,000 messaging template

A guaranteed method to convert cold leads into warm, ready-to-buy booked calls.

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Our 100 viral Instagram hooks

Get your dream clients to stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to your messaging (in a sea of other distractions)

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Our Velocious Online Growth Strategy (that attracts high-ticket clients constantly)

This is the only social media content we create and how it brings us a steady $50,000+ of new business every single month.

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Psychological Tricks that Makes readers turn into buyers

Infiltrate the mind of your customers and turn them into recurring profit for your business

Individual Price


How to Charge Higher Prices and Work with better clients

Master the art of building a priceless offer, one that sells all the time.

Individual Price


Future at Stake Psychological Trigger

How to get high-ticket clients to buy your product or service, without even questioning your price

Individual Price


Selling High-Ticket on Instagram

Turn every piece of content you create into a high-ticket magnet and learn every system you need in place to make your sales funnel run smoothly. 

Individual Price


The Irresistible Influence Aura formula

Our Secret Methodology that will make you have better relationships, get better friends and higher paying clients.

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Advanced Sales Prospecting Strategies

Learn where we find thousands of “starving prospects” that are ready-to-buy (even if you don’t have testimonials or you’re more expensive than the competition).

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Exclusive Content

Tried and Tested lessons that have helped over 7500 students to get better clients stress-free

Real-Life Lessons

The Automatic Clients Academy helps you learn high-income skills that will help you in both your business and personal life

High-Class Networking

Joining the ACA, gets you access to an Exclusive Community of High Networth individuals striving to be better every day. Want to go fast? - Go alone. Want to go far? - Join us.

Immediate Impact

The goal of ACA is to provide you with results from the Get-Go. This is why you get access to Plug and Play Resources that will transform your Social Presence, Sales Processes and entire Business.

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$29,874 in 34 days with 1200 followers

I can't even believe it. This is my first ever online launch. I was either going to stay stuck in my 9-5 or take the leap. And you helped me to do it, by generating my yearly wage in 1 month. Thank you!

Charlotte van Moerbeke
Holistic Therapist

Bought back his time with sales automation.

"I have three kids, a primary job, and multiple side hustles. The one thing that was missing was a proper system that ensured I was consistently attracting clients. Happy to say that problem doesn't exist anymore."

Mark Coffin
Sales Expert

You over-delivered, I didn't expect this.

I thought you would provide me with things I already knew, but you over-delivered. Your coaching and the psychology behind is really impressive. Thank you for training the team and genuinely caring about my business.

Chelsea Mae Cullen
Weight-loss Coach

Jumpstarted her online business.

"I'm so glad I found you! I really appreciated the clarity and advice to help me build my personal brand and setting up qualifying systems so I can attract clients without having to be in my DMs all the time!"

Angela Rullo 
Sports Lawyer and Football Intermediary

Meet your Instructors

Alek and Robbie are award-winning industry leaders, that have consulted for Multi-Billion Dollar brands and have built a formidable audience of 750,000+ Online. Numbers speak for themselves:

  • 50M+ Streamed Views
  • 8000+ Students Across the Globe
  • 1500+ Verified Clients from 72 industries
  • 18+ years of combined Branding, Sales and Marketing experience.

Get Access to their Exclusive Library, with Never revealed before content that will transform your Client Acquisition forever.

Learn from the comfort of your home.

I closed 2 high paying clients in the first month of working with Alek and Robbie. 

Arjun Mitra
Facebook Ads Expert

Extremely detailed and precise direction on creating my social presence and identifying legit clients on Social Media.

Sonal Bhaskaran
Productivity Coach

If you need to learn sales, Alek is your guy. 

Dilara Aydyn
High Ticket Coach

I had no idea about Sales, thanks to Alek, now I do. Invest in Alek if you want to have more Sales and learn how to make more money. He always delivers.

Spandan Tripathi
Brand Agency Owner

Robbie gives the most useful advice to help me position my brand and my business online.

Cynthia Dieyi

I learned a lot about how to get others to realise I am an expert. Managed to raise my prices and clients don't even question it. 

Javier Calderón
Ads Expert

I would recommend Alek & Robbie to anyone looking to learn sales & branding!

Mattia Broili
Design Strategist

Sales is so much easier now, I talk about my passion instead of feeling weird about selling, thank you for getting me in the right mindset for sales.

Sophie Neuwirth
Social Media Expert

Closed a $22,000 deal, I have learnt so much about value selling. Love your tactics, my revenue numbers increased thanks to it.

Shaguftha Tanveer
Career Advisor

Thank you for the clear guidance on how to close in DMs. I've seen a huge improvement on people signing.

Senuka Rathnayake
Social Media Marketer

Really love the specific action steps you gave to position my brand on Instagram so that it attracted clients

Patty Roxaschua
Brand Designer

Love the attention you gave to creating my profile online. Helped me transform how people see my services.

Dwayne Williams
Style Coach

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