Content Creation Secret Which Converts Followers To Clients

Image credits: Freepik

Turnning followers into clients can be very challenging & confusing if you don't have a great content strategy.

Here's the winning strategy:

1.  Define your ideal client

Understand who is more likely to convert into a client. For example: coaches, creators, small business owners, etc.

2.  Identify the need

Identify the main, primary need of your ideal client - find the big gap in the market. For example: want to convert followers into clients

3. Start with the desire

Start your post with the desire they have, just like we did in this blog post. For example: 'How to achieve X desire'.

4. Acknowledge the difficulty

Acknowledge that it is hard to achieve the desire...but you have a solution! For example:  'turnning followers into clients can be very challenging'.

5. Present a partial solution

Present a partial solution to the problem, not the whole. Just like I'm doing right now!

6. Add A CTA

Finalise the post with a CTA, which...

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