Stop Selling With Your Content

No one is ever going to buy from your content alone...

After seeing posts like: Content ideas for a year, 5 marketing hacks, brand colours to inspire - "I'm going to buy now", said no one...ever!

Your content's sole purpose is to attract.

It is to nurture, inspire, and to showcase the type of person you are.

Your personality attracts more people to your community.

Your community increase the reach of your content.

And breaks down the barrier of uncertainty when your ideal client finally show up.

Your content nurtures the need for you but it doesn't sell.

Robert & Alek
CEO Sphere

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Grabbing Attention is Killing Your Brand

Grabbing attention is deadly!

Have you ever passed a child in a supermarket...

Crying because their mum wouldn't buy that cookie.

They try every trick in the book to grab attention!

If I drop on the floor and scream...

It never works out well. No one wants to be shouted at.

Noisy content always repels your audience.

People desire feeling understood, genuine interactions and creating a coonection.

Content that seeks attention will gain no affection.

Creat content that seeks connection.

Want to create a connection with your audience?  Click here to join our private community of 300+ creators (only winners allowed inside).

Robert & Alek
CEO Sphere

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Content Creation Secret Which Converts Followers To Clients

Image credits: Freepik

Turnning followers into clients can be very challenging & confusing if you don't have a great content strategy.

Here's the winning strategy:

1.  Define your ideal client

Understand who is more likely to convert into a client. For example: coaches, creators, small business owners, etc.

2.  Identify the need

Identify the main, primary need of your ideal client - find the big gap in the market. For example: want to convert followers into clients

3. Start with the desire

Start your post with the desire they have, just like we did in this blog post. For example: 'How to achieve X desire'.

4. Acknowledge the difficulty

Acknowledge that it is hard to achieve the desire...but you have a solution! For example:  'turnning followers into clients can be very challenging'.

5. Present a partial solution

Present a partial solution to the problem, not the whole. Just like I'm doing right now!

6. Add A CTA

Finalise the post with a CTA, which...

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