How To Fix A Weak Brand - Rebrand / Refresh Your Brand

A weak brand repels your audience.

What do you do when your brand is losing its market position, or when it’s being outperformed by competitors who aren’t even as well known as you are?

How do you fix your brand and get your position back in the market?

The only way is to take away everything… tear away your images, the colours, the fonts.

From there, you can start to rebuild. Allowing yourself to recreate from the ground up!

And ensure your foundations are strong:

1. Brand Messaging:
Why your brand matters, what it stands for and how you plan to make a difference in your audience’s life?

What is the single most important thing you want to communicate to your audience?

2. Strategy:
Identify your strengths, communicate the value you aim to deliver, and set in place tactics that prove you can deliver.

3. Differentiation:
Defining your unique features, benefits, and qualities that stand out amongst your competitors prevents you from entering price wars!


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6 Lessons Disney Taught Me About Building a Profitable Brand

1. A common enemy attracts customers

Unite against a bad guy to attract more customers. 

- Identify a common problem.

- Make the problem sinister. 

- Show customers your plan to beat the problem. 

The bigger the problem, the more customers you'll attract. 

2. People buy the whole experience. 

- People don't buy into logos. 

- People don't buy into colour palettes, or fonts. 

- People buy into the whole experience. 

Every detail counts towards building a brand. 

3. The money is in the feelings. 

- People don't remember what you say. 

- They barely remember what you do. 

- People remember how you make them feel. 

A good feeling will always lead to more sales

4. People buy from people. 

We don't buy from Disney, we buy into the characters behind the brand. 

- Build a personal brand. 

- Connect personally with your customers

- Build trust and the sales will come. 

The future of business is personal.


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5 Strategies You Need To Steal To Build A Profitable Business

1. Give your customers a voice. 

We all want to be heard. Smart businesses serve customers who's needs aren't met. 


- Uber. Customers that wanted a simpler way to get a taxi. 

- Airbnb. Customers looking to make extra money from having a spare room

2. Use the "Gruen Transfer" technique to increase customers desire to buy. 

Do this by leveraging: 

- Vivid imagery upon entering. 

- Immense benefits and value to customer

 - Bright colours 

All in attempt to overwhelm your customer, causing spikes in dopamine that raise the desire to buy. 

Example: IKEA stores

3. Communicate in pictures. 

Understand that the human brain thinks in pictures

If I say "Purple Lion"... you don't think of the words. You see a Purple lion. 

When trying to persuade, put what you're trying to communicate into images for better conversions.

4. Create a brand identity that reflects your customers identity. 

Your customers want to see a...

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7 Branding Tips That Influence Customers, Win Hearts, And Make You Extremely Profitable!

Branding is a key business skill. Learning it will make you millions.

Here are 7 branding tips that influence customers, win hearts, and make you extremely profitable:

Tip #1: Focus on first and last impression.

People are more likely to remember the first and last thing you say. Anything in between is often forgotten. Here's how you apply it: 

- Lead with strong opening titles. 

- Start and end sentences with the most important information.

Tip #2: Focus Internally First. 

This means focusing on:

- Building your Team

- Creating a thriving work Culture

- Having Standard Operating Procedures in place

A happy team creates happy customers.

Tip #3: “People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” 

– Theodore Levitt.

The lesson here is that people don't want your product, they want the result of your product.

Tip #4. Create your brand identity around a lifestyle

It might look like brands like Nike sell to everyone....

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Want To Elevate Your Brand And Succeed In Any Niche?

Here are my top lessons from working with an 8 figure startup part 2:

1. Starting your own business exposes all your flaws. 

Growing your business requires self awareness: 

- Drop your ego. 

- Acknowledge where you're wrong. 

- Become better to grow personally and profitably.

2. Unstoppable businesses have a vision, plan and discipline. 

- Know your destination.

- Show other's the map.

- Put in the work to get there.

3. Always test your startup idea, use these three questions: 

- What is valuable? 

- What can I do better or different? 

- What is nobody else doing?

4. The two most important things when creating a new product/service are: 

- Customer Pain 

- Customer priority 

Most startups are great at solving existing problems. What they fail to address is whether those problems are a priority for the customer.

5. Great businesses don't exist without understanding psychology. 

Study these principles to 10x...

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9 Rare Methods Every Startup Needs to Grow a Profitable Brand

If I were to start over, grow a 170,000 audience, and work with thousands of customers. This is what I would do:

1. Identify my early adopters

- Identify the key problem I solve

- Identify who struggles with this problem

- Build profiles for different categories of people

- Rank each category

- Define who struggles most

- Conduct a survey to validate high value targets

2. Identify a key network of people to help build my business

1. Public Speakers

2. Lawyers 

3. Investors

4. Finance Advisors 

5. Designers

6. Copywriters

7. Marketing Experts

8. Software engineers

9. Sales experts

Your Network is your Net Worth.

3. Document every process early 

This will help me document every successful operation inside the business to continue generating results: 

- Get a project management software

- Map out what tasks need to be done

- Define clear steps

- Assign who needs to do it

- Set deadlines

4. Develop a Powerful Brand Voice

To do this I'd need to:

- Have a stance.

- Be...

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5 Genius Ways Starbucks Used Psychology to Become the King of Coffee

1. Irrational Value Assessment: 

The Starbucks Effect

 When people see a high-priced item, they automatically assume it’s of a higher quality and more valuable than something that’s cheap.

 Example: Starbucks charged more for what used to be cheap and dressed it in a premium customer experience, with nice tables, good music, and friendly baristas.

2. FOMO Keeps Customers Coming Back

 The psychological pain of losing is twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining something.

 FOMO gets customers into the store and makes them feel like they’re part of something exclusive and special.

 Example: Seasonal drinks that happen only at Christmas

3. Removing Friction: Starbucks Used Psychology to Create a Habit

Remove as much friction in your customer journey as possible. Make it so easy to interact, buy, and gain access to your product. 

Example: Their app removes two of the biggest pains from getting coffee, waiting to pay and waiting to...

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