Content Creation Secret Which Converts Followers To Clients

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Turnning followers into clients can be very challenging & confusing if you don't have a great content strategy.

Here's the winning strategy:

1.  Define your ideal client

Understand who is more likely to convert into a client. For example: coaches, creators, small business owners, etc.

2.  Identify the need

Identify the main, primary need of your ideal client - find the big gap in the market. For example: want to convert followers into clients

3. Start with the desire

Start your post with the desire they have, just like we did in this blog post. For example: 'How to achieve X desire'.

4. Acknowledge the difficulty

Acknowledge that it is hard to achieve the desire...but you have a solution! For example:  'turnning followers into clients can be very challenging'.

5. Present a partial solution

Present a partial solution to the problem, not the whole. Just like I'm doing right now!

6. Add A CTA

Finalise the post with a CTA, which...

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5 Hacks To Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand

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Want people to love your brand?

Then you have to dig deeper than solving problems.

Anyone can figure out ways to boost people's productivity, anyone can share a tool that 'makes you money', and anyone can help another person build a brand!

So what makes people truly love your brand? It goes way beyond solving problems. It digs so deep into who we as people are.

Here is the winning formula!

1. Make their day-to-day easier

Educate them and simplify their life by solving their basic to complicated daily life problems and showing them how to make things easier.

2. Make an impact

Make a deep impact on their life by either helping them get something or by helping them avoid losing something.  For example, save them money or time.

3. Make them feel they belong to

Making the experience with you outstanding by making everything you do feel relatable and by making them feel they belong to something - something they value.

4. Build Trust

Help them to trust you...

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7 Mind-Blowing Secrets To Make People Remember You Forever

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If you want people to remember your brand, become the bad habit people can’t break.

Here’s how…


01. Don’t be afraid to be different 

We are all conditioned from a young age to fit in. As you grow older you’ll realise it’s your differences that people find magnetic.

  • Show off your weird 
  • Ignore opinions that lock up your uniqueness
  • When everyone is doing x, try doing y


02. Use the element of surprise

The element of surprise causes us to freeze for 1/25th of a second. During that time emotions intensify up 400 percent.

Imagine how memorable you’ll be if you can amplify your audiences 400%. 

  • Break your normal routine to invite something new 
  • Use controversial topics to get people talking
  • Your audience should know you’ll be there. But should NOT know what or when to expect 


03. Don’t underestimate small acts 

We often neglect the smallest gestures.


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5 Mistakes That Will Haunt Your Business Forever

Here are the 5 mistakes you must avoid in your business!

Robert Murray (Brand Strategist) & Alek Angelov (Sales & Marketing Strategist) recommends avoiding these mistakes at all costs to thrive in business:

1. Having no integrity

Dropping your beliefs and values in a heartbeat to make a quick win for yourself. You eventually become, what you hate.

2. Stepping on others to get ahead

Eventually all those people you stepped on speak up. And there goes that 'hard earned' reputation.

3. Trying to do it all yourself

You forever stay stuck as a one man army that doesn't scale. One person isn't enough for a business to thrive.

4. Staying in build mode

Staying in build mode as opposed to ever putting anything out there. 

You always think about doing. You always tweak and perfect that idea... But it just doesn't go anywhere.

5. No patience

Rather than committing to long term results, you get distracted by all the shiny objects and short term wins - which gets you...

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16 Step Strategy To Sell on Social Media

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It’s time for you to start making money from social media. But right now you’re stuck. Your current strategy hasn’t been working.

And it’s because you think your content alone is enough. I hate to break it to you...

Your content only attracts.

If you are trying to sell your services on Social Media, you need an effective process.

This is the process you need to start making money

Content – Awareness

Comments/DMs/Stories – Nurture

DMs/GoogleForms – Qualify

Sales Call – Close

Here's the 16 Step Strategy You Need To Sell:

1.      You post your stunning content

2.      Content speaks to the needs of audience

3.      Focus on the success of others, not yourself

4.      Include a Call to action that leads your prospect to your DMs

5.      In your DMs, you ask a few...

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How A Dead Community Is Killing Your Brand

Audience starting to fade?

If you're wondering why your audience is slowly starting to fade, or is completely non-existent, it's because you have no community.

Your audience show up for you daily. They want to be nurtured, they want to be cared for.

They show up because you make them feel welcome. Your intentions need to align with helping your audience reach their destination.

Neglecting their goals leads to your community fading, and your brand along with it.

Follow the 5 steps guide below to start building your community:

1. Be A Leader

 Leaders are tough, outspoken, give a shit about a cause. Can you be that person for your community?

2. Have A Shared Interest 

 Share ideas that you and your audience enjoy. If you're the only one interested then no one is gonna be invested.

3. Build Likeability & Connection

Can your audience connect with you? Nothing worse than a sweaty sock of a personality!

4. Have a shared vision


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47 Strategic Hacks To Make Your First $10K

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Generating the first 10,000$ in sales can be hard…

But if you use the right strategies & tools. it's easy. Here's how:

Generating the first 10,000$ in sales can be hard…

Let’s make it easy for you!

47 Strategic Hacks To Make Your First $10K:

1.  Show a case-study you’ve done

2.  Be active in Facebook groups

3.  Build credibility with Lives

4.  Develop lead magnet strategy

5.  Consistency post content

6.  Be Authentic (an Octopus)

7.  Create Facebook Ads

8.  Use Retargeting methods

9.  Join a Mastermind

10.  Support your supporters

11.  Always do 5-8 follow-ups

12.  Join CEO Sphere & learn Sales

13.  Answers DMs ASAP

14.  Use Influencer Marketing

15.  Treat Instagram as a community

16.  Use Google Business

17.  Send emails consistently

18.  Go to...

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How To Win People's Hearts With Your Content

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Your audience's hearts must be won with your content, it it's not doing so, it's not effective.

Wanna win peoples hearts with your content? Here's how:

Step 01:

Have a clear goal. What is the tasty outcome your audience will achieve through reading your content?

Step 02:

Emphasis on the outcome! Do your audience want this?! Ask yourself this and answer objectively.

We are all guilty of creating content at one point for selfish reasons, but if no one else needs it, they have no reason to read!

Step 03:

Trigger words are keywords that are jam-packed with emotion. You can find a long list of these keywords by searching them online, but I'm going to cover the keywords people DON'T talk about. These words are "Friends" "Mum" "Dad".

These words have the strongest emotional response because they are linked to people we ALL LOVE. Use these words in your headlines and tell a relevant story that's related to the solution you want to provide and watch your views...

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Weekly Sales Tasks To Generate Money

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If you want to generate consistent sales, make sure you have a sales task for everyday and that you're consistently putting efforts into generating sales. Follow this sales tasks schedule to boost your sales:


  • Follow-up with all prospects who didn’t answer in past 48 hours.
  • Reach out to 20 new people - remember that sales is a numbers game, the more people you shake hands with, the more money you make.


  • Create a post about a specific pain-point and use "DM me" call to action.  
  • Reach out to 20 new people.


  • Aim to book 3-5 calls from Monday conversations.
  • Reach out to 20 new people. 


  • Create a story poll asking your audience what they struggle the most with.
  • Reach out to 20 new people. 


  • Follow-up with all leads who didn’t answer in past 48 hours. 
  • Create a post from Thursday’s pool covering the most common struggle.
  • Reach out to 30 new people. 


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5 Steps HOT Formula To Get Massive Amount Of Shares

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Want more shares on your content?

Want more eyes?

Then it’s time to do away with a random strategy

It Depends On Feelings

Notice how each stage of the HOT thermometer focuses on feelings

This is why people are willing to spread the word for others.

It’s all in the feeling.

Now, how exactly do you do it?

Let’s start warming people up and turning them into raging super fans using the formula below:


Step 01:

Listen to your audience and frequently respond to questions they ask on your content. To grab and keep attention your content must look good (yes we are visual creatures, beauty attracts)!


Step 02:

Make your content relatable; your audience should see a little piece of themselves in YOU. And make sure you're always solving problems with it.


Step 03:

Make your content focus on helping others attain success. If your content is performing well; people naturally feel compelled to share content that is...

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