How To Win People's Hearts With Your Content

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Your audience's hearts must be won with your content, it it's not doing so, it's not effective.

Wanna win peoples hearts with your content? Here's how:

Step 01:

Have a clear goal. What is the tasty outcome your audience will achieve through reading your content?

Step 02:

Emphasis on the outcome! Do your audience want this?! Ask yourself this and answer objectively.

We are all guilty of creating content at one point for selfish reasons, but if no one else needs it, they have no reason to read!

Step 03:

Trigger words are keywords that are jam-packed with emotion. You can find a long list of these keywords by searching them online, but I'm going to cover the keywords people DON'T talk about. These words are "Friends" "Mum" "Dad".

These words have the strongest emotional response because they are linked to people we ALL LOVE. Use these words in your headlines and tell a relevant story that's related to the solution you want to provide and watch your views skyrocket.

Step 04:

Infuse your headline with emotion. Great headlines make us feel and in addition to point 3. Check out Emotional Headline Analyzer. Gives you a good reading on how emotional your headline is.

Step 05:

Use the Curiosity Gap.

We all want to know how certain things around us work. For example I'd love to know how this f*cking algorithm works... we always get 'snippets' of info but never the whole picture. And that's what keeps people interested.

Promise an answer to a commonly asked question, give enough information to give people an idea of how it works... but don't give the entire answer. Keep people guessing.

Step 06:

Focus on pain points and solutions. Easy one here. We all got 99 problems. Give us a solution so we can clear our plate of the crap we deal with on a daily basis.

Step 07:

Cheat on your headlines.

This involves the art of misdirection! Make people think your content is going to go in one direction but then incorporate a crazy plot twist with an equally valuable outcome for your reader. It takes people say, "Wow, I wasn't expecting that!" 😍

Save this one and improve your headlines!

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