3 Hottest Ways to Increase Customer Conversions

Tired of Customers Not Converting?

Are you tired of not being able to attract customers, having to navigate skepticism and working your ass off to build trust with your audience. 

Even after all of your efforts, your consumers end up NOT trusting you and preferring your competitor, or worse, going with a low-cost choice.

The Cost of Uncertainty

If the uncertainty in their minds outweighs the trust & value you've built, there's no way they'll invest in you. A solid brand helps build thwart uncertainty. But it still requires systems in place.

More importantly, not everyone will see the value in your products & services at first. No one is going to part with their money without you having systems in place to navigate uncertainties.

For example: Sales pages & FAQs seriously help navigate people through all the "What if's" and "but's". It's super important to eliminate ALL of their uncertainties before they make a decision.

How to Appeal to Their Desires:

Every word you write makes the difference and to entice potential customers ensure you appeal to their desires, you must:

1. Communicate a clear benefit within the first 5 seconds:

Attention spans are extremely short, therefore you must catch their attention right away by clearly communicating a benefit they're desperately looking for and the positive consequences that benefit will have on their life & business.

2. Then state problem your audience face: 

State their most-hurting pain just after you communicate that benefit. Address all the consequences the problem creates and how it's affecting their life & business negatively.

3. Explain why they face the problem

Once they understand how much the problem is costing them, help them understand 'what' is causing that problem so they not only know how to eliminate that problem but also that your product/service is exactly what they need.

Navigating their uncertainties:

Without a desire to buy, there is never a sale. But, desire alone won't cut it because your audience are not very easily convinced. You need to break down their barriers to build trust. Here's how to:

Know How They Feel

Be aware of your ideal customer's current situation and utilise it to your advantage:

  • What drives them?
  • What causes them pain?
  • What motivates them to act now?

Be Prepared For Them to NOT Trust You

It's okay if they don't trust you at first, but it's your responsibility to create trust immediately. Use social proof, your achievements & the work you've done to build their trust.

The difference between those who sell a product for $1,000 and make a lot of sales and those who sell for $5 and struggle to generate sales is 'HOW' they communicate the value of their product and services.

Call Out Their Uncertainties Before They Do 

If you wait for them to bring-up objections, it'll probably be too late to overcome. You must identify the concerns they have in advance & overcome them before they even bring those up.

Use Case-Studies

Show them that your past clients had the same uncertainties, but you managed to help them achieve massive results. More importantly, they can be the next to boost their business.

Keeping in mind...

It takes time & lots of effort to understand your audience, identify their pains, goals, uncertainties and finding the best ways to overcome them. As always, consistency is key here.

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