5 Strategic Mind Hacks To Close More Sales

Sales is a game of mind. The more you know about human psychology and the art of persuasion, the easier it will be for you to sell, no matter what.

To get massive results from your sales conversations, it's crucial that you add some mind hacks to your sales process and use them to your advantage.

Here are the 5 secret psychological mind hacks I use to get the most out of my sales conversations:

1. The Illusion of Choice

This hack works by giving your customer 2 choices, and both of them works in your favor. This way, the customer feels like he has only 2 choices.

Example: "Would 12pm or 2 pm work for you to jump on a connection call?"

2. Immediate Attention

Most people will take ages to thank or reply to a prospect / client. You have a golden opportunity here to break that pattern. When you reply or thank the prospect immediately, you stand out from the crowd in your prospect's mind.

Example: "Hi [NAME], I wanted to thank you for your attention,  time & commitment during the call. It was a pleasure talking with you."

3. Over-information to transaction

When the prospect asks for 'any' information, give them the precise information + an extra option. This increases the chances of them moving forward.

4. Analysis Paralysis (offer simplification)

Offer no more than 3 to 4 options as offering 3-4 offer options instead of 7+ increases the decision to purchase by 27%.

5. High to Low Pricing

Begin your offer with the highest package to ANCHOR the customer's mind. Then offer lower price package. This anchors their mind to the first, most expensive price & the other options seem to be low.

Be smart with what you do & how you treat your clients!

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To your success,

Alek Angelov & Robbie Murray


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