How To Start A Perfect Sales Call

Would you like to know the sales strategy I used to get to 87% closing ratio?

This clearly means, 9 out of every 10 deals is mine.

The problem is, most people start their conversations like this: "Hey, what's up, this is my offer."

Other people start their conversations talking about the weather.

Unless you're selling them an umbrella, save that one for later.

Both of these ways will lead you to a "No, thank you".

Your prospect cares about unique treatment & understanding, not generic scripts and salesy techniques.

Use the sales call strategy to ace a sales call & best possible closing ratio.

Sales Call Strategy

Step #1: Build rapport the right way

Instead of talking to a common for all people topic (the weather), find a unique interest you share with the prospect & an opportunity to complement them!

Example #1: 'James, did you catch the football game yesterday? - Man, I told you we were gonna win'.

Example #2: 'Elle, before we dive in, that post you made yesterday...WOW! - It was amazing!'

Step #2: Transition into business

Making the prospect talk about something they love, before talking about something more serious, opens the door to their heart.

Example #1: 'Awesome, so let me cover what will happen next on this call'.

Example #2: 'First, we would cover X,Y and Z, then I would need to ask you a few questions, and at the end I'll present an offer to you, does this makes sense?'.

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