How A Dead Community Is Killing Your Brand

Audience starting to fade?

If you're wondering why your audience is slowly starting to fade, or is completely non-existent, it's because you have no community.

Your audience show up for you daily. They want to be nurtured, they want to be cared for.

They show up because you make them feel welcome. Your intentions need to align with helping your audience reach their destination.

Neglecting their goals leads to your community fading, and your brand along with it.

Follow the 5 steps guide below to start building your community:

1. Be A Leader

 Leaders are tough, outspoken, give a shit about a cause. Can you be that person for your community?

2. Have A Shared Interest 

 Share ideas that you and your audience enjoy. If you're the only one interested then no one is gonna be invested.

3. Build Likeability & Connection

Can your audience connect with you? Nothing worse than a sweaty sock of a personality!

4. Have a shared vision

Your vision should express a change or an impact that you and your audience want to make.

5. Create a movement

What actions can you all take together as a team to start making a difference.

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