Easy Tricks To 10X Your Content Interactions

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Asking won't get people to interact with your content.

Rather than asking, become persuasive and rock people's world.

Here's how to make it happen:

For more likes

1. Avoid being vague or confusing. Be clear and specific

2. Blow their minds with a stunning cover

3. Use an image people haven't seen before

4. Create a content style like no one else

5. Tell a joke in your content, get some laughs

6. Use relevant memes

7. Use a cool content theme (pirates, superheroes)

For more comments

1. Speak to your reader (Use you, your, and you've)

2. Use easy to answer questions

3. Use a relatable experience

4. Provide a huge list, ask "what was your favourite?"

5. Make friends that want to talk with you!

6. Post a conversation starter in your comments

7. Interact with others

For more shares

1. Inspire your reader using emotions

2. Get your reader to think deeper by diving deeper

3. Cover a topic people haven't seen covered

4. Use relatable and memorable quotes

5. Challenge popular beliefs and norms

6. Cover new updates in your industry, be the first

7. Make your post actionable

For more saves

1. Everything covered previously

2. Give a resource that people need to study

3. Create a carousel list with more than 25 items

4. Make a single post with 14+ points

5. Create a step-by-step tutorial

6. Use infographics in your content

7. Build a community that loves what you do

Call to Action Best Practices

1. Explain why people should take action

2. Lead with a benefit and then your request

3. Put no more than one CTA on a carousel slide

4. Give more than you ask!

5. For captions spread out your CTAs

6. Don't try to be witty or clever

7. Keep the CTA simple and specific

People take action when they want to, not because you want them to!

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