6 Business Hacks To Generate Sales On Automation

Being a business owner is all good, unless it's not. You cannot ever do it all alone. If you want to consistently increase the revenue your business is generating, the only way is automation. 

Today we are going to provide you with 6 hacks you can use to generate sales while you sleep! Here we go:

1. Ads

The easiest, best way to generate sales on automation is ads. Ads not only save you tons of time but also helps reach a wider audience. 

But, it's crucial to have an effective ad copy, lots of testing & analyzing, a deep understanding of your audience and product to make ads work consistently.

2. Affiliates

 If you want to create more hype for your brand & want your fans to make sales for you, this is the best possible option. Create an affiliate program & shout to your fans about it.

A good affiliate program makes sure that affiliates have everything needed to make a sale & that they get the best support.

3. Sales Funnel

Make use of ads, email sequences and sales pages to create an automated sales funnel. A successful sales funnel makes sure that the customer is getting the best possible experience at each step of the customer journey (yes, even before they buy).

4. Bots

If something can be done by the bots, why do it yourself? With automated human-like bots, it has become extremely easy to use bots and still feel human! 

But, be careful with this method. It can dehumanize your brand and damage reputation if overused.

5. Delegate

Calculate how much your time is worth and if a task is producing less than that, delegate it. Hire good people & buy time with your money whenever possible instead of always keeping yourself busy.

It's important to make sure that what you're doing is consistently moving the needle for your business. There are thousands of ways to keep yourself busy, but there are only a few things that will actually bring in money.

6. Team-up

By doing it all alone, you can only go much far. But, by working with a team, connecting & collaborating with other brands and using partnerships, you can scale & automate your business easily!

How to make money while sleeping:

1. Repetition; if it's repetitive, automate it using AI.
2. Have a great team & outsource.
3. Manage it with mind, not emotions. Be patient & automate slowly.

Want to know more about how you can make money while sleeping? Sign-up for our upcoming "Sleep and Sell" course to make money while you sleep!

CEO Later,

Robbie & Alek



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