5 Steps HOT Formula To Get Massive Amount Of Shares

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Want more shares on your content?

Want more eyes?

Then it’s time to do away with a random strategy

It Depends On Feelings

Notice how each stage of the HOT thermometer focuses on feelings

This is why people are willing to spread the word for others.

It’s all in the feeling.

Now, how exactly do you do it?

Let’s start warming people up and turning them into raging super fans using the formula below:


Step 01:

Listen to your audience and frequently respond to questions they ask on your content. To grab and keep attention your content must look good (yes we are visual creatures, beauty attracts)!


Step 02:

Make your content relatable; your audience should see a little piece of themselves in YOU. And make sure you're always solving problems with it.


Step 03:

Make your content focus on helping others attain success. If your content is performing well; people naturally feel compelled to share content that is gaining momentum.

Your content nurtures the relationship between you and your followers.


Step 04:

Give your audience a platform to voice their thoughts and feelings through your content. You as a creator, create a space where people feel comfortable just being themselves.


Step 05:

Do the following with your content:

Make others feel smart, more knowledgeable, and powerful

Communicate the positive impact on your followers’ lives

Provides others with an experience they won’t soon forget.

Make it so good that your followers can see it helping others in their audience too.


Follow this list and you will build a brand that wins the heart of the world and spreads the love along with it!


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