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Here are my top lessons from working with an 8 figure startup part 2:

1. Starting your own business exposes all your flaws. 

Growing your business requires self awareness: 

- Drop your ego. 

- Acknowledge where you're wrong. 

- Become better to grow personally and profitably.

2. Unstoppable businesses have a vision, plan and discipline. 

- Know your destination.

- Show other's the map.

- Put in the work to get there.

3. Always test your startup idea, use these three questions: 

- What is valuable? 

- What can I do better or different? 

- What is nobody else doing?

4. The two most important things when creating a new product/service are: 

- Customer Pain 

- Customer priority 

Most startups are great at solving existing problems. What they fail to address is whether those problems are a priority for the customer.

5. Great businesses don't exist without understanding psychology. 

Study these principles to 10x profits, awareness customer retention: 

- Scarcity 

- Reciprocity 

- Benjamin Franklin effect

- Mere exposure effect

- Decoy effect 

- Anchoring Bias 

- Loss Aversion

6. A community of creators, is the most valuable asset you can have when building an ecosystem. 

- Creators are natural problem solvers. 

- Love when new solutions arrive. 

- Are quick to support innovation

Wanna grow fast. Attract creators.

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