The 7 Millionaire Skills We Wish We Knew At 18

If you are remotely serious about your success, read until the end.

These skills will get you 10 years ahead of 96% of the people:

1. Eliminating negativity 👇

Learn to avoid negativity every day.

  • Stop hanging with negative people.
  • Stop watching the news.
  • Stop focusing on problems.    
  • Start surrounding yourself with winners.
  • Start focusing on solutions.
  • Start your day with gratitude.

2. High-income money skills 👇

These 5 skills guarantee that you will 

make a lot of money:

  • Sales
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Video editing
  • Automations master

3. Key soft skills 👇

Soft-skills allow you to connect better with people. Here are 5 irreplaceable soft skills:

  • Empathy (understanding people's emotions)
  • Communication (persuasion & listening)
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership and confidence
  • Self-Control under pressure

4. Self-control and self-love 👇

You need to know what your body and mind is asking you for.

If you can't control yourself, how will you control your life?

5. Investing skills 👇

Knowing when an opportunity it's great and when it's bad.

This is important, as in life you will spot many great opportunities.

To improve, read these 3 books:

  • One up on Wall Street - P. Lynch
  • The intelligent Investor - Ben Graham
  • Blink, the power of thinking without thinking

6. The ability to say NO 👇

Many people struggle to say 'no' to other people and requests.

Learn to value yourself and your time. 

Saying no, helps you focus and have  more time for yourself.

7. Focus skills 👇

The ability to focus for a prolonged period of time, in an era of distractions is priceless.

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