The 7 Deadly Sins That Will Keep You Poor

1️⃣ Not selling because you are scared to sound salesy 👇

 Salesy isn't even a word in the dictionary.

 There is no definition for it. It's a made up thing to keep you poor.

 If you have an offer that helps people, then start promoting it!

2️⃣ Not searching for clients daily 👇

If you are not actively searching for clients, you won't make money.

Just because you have clients today, doesn't mean you will tomorrow.

Dedicate 30 minutes every day to start new conversations.

3️⃣ Not trusting yourself or the product you sell 👇

 You can't sell a product to a stranger, if you don't believe in it.

 The lack of confidence will keep you poor.

4️⃣ Not being consistent 👇

 You can't give your everything 1 day, then sleep for a week.

 Show up as often as you can, but never quit.

5️⃣ You don't have an irresistible offer 👇

 If your offer doesn't have 10x the value in relation to the price, change it.

 An irresistible offer has considerable less risk than chance of success.

6️⃣ Not following-up with leads at least 10 times 👇

 80% of people buy between the 6th and 12th point of contact.

 Yet, 67% of people NEVER contact their leads more than 2 times.

7️⃣ You don't know how to attract clients 👇

 This is one of the most common errors.

 In order to attract clients consistently, you need to have great positioning.

 Answer this question: why should people choose you before someone else?

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