Strategic Hacks To Make Your First $10K

Generating the first 10,000$ in sales can be hard…

But if you use the right strategies & tools. it's easy. Here's how:

Generating the first 10,000$ in sales can be hard…

Let’s make it easy for you!

47 Strategic Hacks To Make Your First $10K:

1.  Show a case-study you’ve done

2.  Be active in Facebook groups

3.  Build credibility with Lives

4.  Develop lead magnet strategy

5.  Consistency post content

6.  Be Authentic (an Octopus)

7.  Create Facebook Ads

8.  Use Retargeting methods

9.  Join a Mastermind

10.  Support your supporters

11.  Always do 5-8 follow-ups

12.  Join CEO Sphere & learn Sales

13.  Answers DMs ASAP

14.  Use Influencer Marketing

15.  Treat Instagram as a community

16.  Use Google Business

17.  Send emails consistently

18.  Go to Networking Events

19.  Solve problems with your content

20.  Approach Local Businesses

21.  Showcase expertise in comments

22.  Be clear on who you’re helping

23.  Use IG stories for lead generation

24.  Ask for referrals confidently

25.  Go to business conferences

26.  Do live Q&A sessions

27.  Build connections when travelling

28.  Showcase testimonials

29.  Tweet about your success

30.  SEO optimize your profile

31.  Use Guerilla Marketing

32.  Strike a conversation in Starbucks

33.  Use reels with service CTA

34.  Create a webinar and use CTA

35.  Story PINS from Pinterest

36.  Use Google AdWords

37.  Host a room on Clubhouse

38.  Join LinkedIn groups

39.  Use Quora Marketing

40.  Share your failures & successes

41.  Post Articles on LinkedIn

42.  Build Connections in DMs

43.  Business communities on Discord

44.  Post educational content on TikTok

45.  Contact family & friends

46.  Confidently do cold calls

47.  Does your neighbor need help?



(Always be over-delivering)

48.  Post Articles on Reddit

49.  Build a newsletter

50.  Optimise website with SEO

51.  Outreach and build new connections

52.  Save this, you can’t remember all

The key to earning $10K is to first believe that you’re worth it !

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To your success,

Robbie Murray 


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