Steps to Increase Customer Loyalty & Sales

Only follow these steps if you want to increase your sales. These are the steps to increase customer loyalty, your sales and client retention rates!

1. Create content

Create content that genuinely helps your audience. Let's start with the basics & get your thoughts out into the world.


2. Solve a need

  • Does your audience need to be educated?
  • Do they want to be inspired?
  • Perhaps they need a little entertainment...
  • Maybe they want a mix of all three.

Find this out by:

  • By asking what they like most.
  • Posting content and analysing what style people resonate with most.

Find your groove and move forward with the content that people like most 😍


3. Speak with your audience.

No one likes talking to a brick wall !!

  • Have conversations, listen, and understand what people are struggling with.
  • Deepen your understanding and create better solutions


4. Show in-depth expertise.

Sometimes you gotta get your scuba gear on and show how deep you can dive into your field of expertise.

Surface level content will attract, but deep expertise retains!


5. Get intimate 

  • Keep your clothes on, not THAT intimate.
  • Learn the mental blocks  they suffer with.
  • Understand their lives and what they are going through.
  • Show empathy.
  • Find how your lives connect. What similar struggles have you been through?
  • Connect the dots and relate.


6. Create a low cost solution.

  • This is exactly what my business partner Alek and I did. 
  • Create an offer that has insane value.
  • Absolutely ridiculous price.
  • Easy for you to deliver.
  • Has a clear structure, and a well defined transformation for your customer.


7. Deliver and exceed expectations.

The only reason we have had people rushing back for more is because they believe in value we bring to the table.

You do this by:

  • Delivering on your promise
  • Over-delivering
  • Treating every customer like they're your first! 

💡 Share this process with your friends and business buddies!!

And before you know it you'll have a system that continuously generates you money on automation!

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Robbie Murray

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