How I Attracted $100K+ Clients With Video Marketing

I made the riskiest decision to quit my 9-5 and I had no clue about business and for the longest time, I was seeing my income decreasing!

As a result, the fear began to increase, I was worried I made a huge mistake, even doubted myself as a result.

But rather than break and cave in. I kept going, I kept pushing and experimenting. I took one leap that turned everything around.

Video was my biggest fear. Turns out it was also everything missing from my strategy.

The moment I showed up, better qualified leads wanted to do business. Higher ticket clients were recognizing me as the solution they needed in their life. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how I made $100K+ with Video Marketing:

Step-By-Step Guide to Video  Marketing

1. I had to sacrifice all my time and dedicate it to perfecting my processes and strategy.

You don't get on calls for $100,000 projects by chance. It takes a lot of time to build a working strategy where you can repeat results. A lot of our time has been spent away from loved ones. Plenty of sleepless nights happened so that we could research and analyse our target audience and perfect what we offer to clients so they see the value in what we offer.

2. I needed to know what my ideal clients wanted in their life.

Market research is needed to learn what consumers in your niche really need, and understand how deep their problem goes to trigger the pain-points they face.

3. I overcame my biggest fear, bit the bullet and found my way of creating video.

I've never been the most confident on camera, but I realized the potential it has for people to see you as someone they can trust. I found my own unique way of presenting video in the form of visual images with voice over. Images are easier to process and it went down well with clients looking for solutions. 

4. I made it my mission to create content that solves high-level problems.

Simple content is great for awareness, but for me it was the high level content that attracted the high ticket buyers. Quantity is not always the answer. Quality must be there too. 

5. I conducted a f*ck tonne of discovery calls to not only close deals, but better understand the market.

Inquiries started flooding in, rather than getting overwhelmed, I embraced this as an opportunity to gain valuable data on the market. Every discovery call was treated as an opportunity to learn what attracted clients to me in the first place. When I found out what caught their interest, I repeated the process.

6. I built a network of people that knew me and could rely on me.

I also used the calls as an opportunity to make valuable connections who see the value that I can add not only to them, but other people in their life.

7. I leveraged the unsuccessful calls to learn and conduct better calls in future.

Was every call a success? Of course not! Plenty of people ran when they saw the price tag, but I made it my mission to learn more about sales to navigate these challenges.

8. I built an inner circle of close friends I can trust to deliver high-ticket projects at scale.

Do you think I can manage $100k projects on my own... Find the people that can help you turn $100k into a million.

Keeping in mind, I'm not here to tell you that you should all be using video. But I am here to ask you, what's the one thing you are scared of doing? What's one thing holding you back?

Grab it by the horns. It might be the big break you're looking for!

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