Effective Strategy To Sell on Social Media

It’s time for you to start making money from social media. But right now you’re stuck. Your current strategy hasn’t been working.

And it’s because you think your content alone is enough. I hate to break it to you...

Your content only attracts.

If you are trying to sell your services on Social Media, you need an effective process.

This is the process you need to start making money

Content – Awareness

Comments/DMs/Stories – Nurture

DMs/GoogleForms – Qualify

Sales Call – Close

Here's the 16 Step Strategy You Need To Sell:

1.      You post your stunning content

2.      Content speaks to the needs of audience

3.      Focus on the success of others, not yourself

4.      Include a Call to action that leads your prospect to your DMs

5.      In your DMs, you ask a few questions about the prospect

6.      Get to know them and build trust

7.      Create a Google Form For Free!

8.      Inside the form outline the benefits of working with you

9.      Include a few questions to understand their problem

10.  Qualify them on time/commitment/and money

11.  If qualified, you get them on a 15 min sales call

12.  First part of call. Break the ice. Make them laugh!

13.  Second part. Focus on them. Their business and challenges.

14.  Third part. Build authority and trust (Show proof of results)

15.  Fourth part. Present your offer/give them options.

16.  Close and secure payment

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