9 Rare Methods Every Startup Needs to Grow a Profitable Brand

If I were to start over, grow a 170,000 audience, and work with thousands of customers. This is what I would do:

1. Identify my early adopters

- Identify the key problem I solve

- Identify who struggles with this problem

- Build profiles for different categories of people

- Rank each category

- Define who struggles most

- Conduct a survey to validate high value targets

2. Identify a key network of people to help build my business

1. Public Speakers

2. Lawyers 

3. Investors

4. Finance Advisors 

5. Designers

6. Copywriters

7. Marketing Experts

8. Software engineers

9. Sales experts

Your Network is your Net Worth.

3. Document every process early 

This will help me document every successful operation inside the business to continue generating results: 

- Get a project management software

- Map out what tasks need to be done

- Define clear steps

- Assign who needs to do it

- Set deadlines

4. Develop a Powerful Brand Voice

To do this I'd need to:

- Have a stance.

- Be heavily opinionated

- Speak my mind

- Have a worldview that people are inspired by.

- Avoid being vanilla

- Speak on the topics I love with conviction 

- Express my thoughts and lead the industry

5. Create a one-of-a-kind design

I'd look at how I can ensure my brand is easily recognised among others.

I'd do this by experimenting with the elements below and differentiate them from competitors:

- Fonts

- Shapes

- Patterns

- Colours

- Icons

- Imagery

- Audio

6. Build a Tailored Experience

I'd want every interaction with customers to feel like a gift by:

- Crafting a customer journey

- Defining each interaction my customers would have with me

- Identifying how I can make customers come back

- Ensure I deliver excellence every time

7. Create distinguishable brand colours

I'd use colour to my advantage to stand out from competitors:

- Identify competitor colours

- Choose to be different

- Understand colour psychology

- Use the website coolors.co to find a good fit

- Test drive and decide

8. Maintain a Consistent Presence

I'd acknowledge that it's better to be consistent than to have the best solution. I wouldn't wait to get every detail perfect.

The person who tries the most wins:

- You win attention.

- You win experience

- You win customers

9. Develop an unforgettable positioning in the market

I'd answer these:

- What problem do I solve?

- Who struggles with this problem?

- How do I solve the problem?


- Keep it simple. 

- Be different.

- Offer more enticing benefits than 

my competitors. 

- Be specific.

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Robert & Alek
CEO Sphere


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