8 Hidden Secrets To Make Your Brand Feel More Expensive And Loved

1. Focus on a niche

Niching allows you to avoid competing against huge players that already dominate the space

✅ Appeal to a smaller focused market segment

✅ Consider how you can make your product or service more bespoke

✅ Don't compete, infiltrate new opportunities

2. Use Luxury positioning

Positioning is how your brand is perceived in your customers mind.

✅ What makes your product or service different?

✅ What makes the experience different?

✅ What is different about how tou make customers feel?

3. Attach Symbolic Value to Your Products

Expensive brands give their brand meaning. Often in the form of emotional value, or expressing a buyers status/role in society.

✅ Connect your brand to an idea/even a cause that means a lot to you

4. Use Exclusivity

It should feel like a gift to even get the opportunity to buy your product. Expensive brands limit what they have to offer.

✅ Limit quantity to increase perceived value

✅ Limit who you serve to create loyal fans

✅ Limit when you sell an item (seasonal items/offers)

5. Be Design-driven

Expensive brands let the design to do the talking.

✅ Fonts, Colour choice, logo design, the shapes you use

✅ Professional photography

✅ Using adequate white space

6. Appeal to aspirations

Expensive brands paint an aspirational lifestyle for their customers.

✅ Sell the dream

✅ Show the journey it takes to get there

✅ Help your audience attain their aspirational lifestyle

7. Know your customers psychology

Expensive brands know that buyers focus on buying what they want, they don't care about the product.

✅ What does your product help customers communicate to their friends

✅ How does it make them look good?

8. Write a captivating brand story

Last but not least expensive brands captivate minds through stories.

✅ Include how your business began, and when. 

✅ Put your customer in the spotlight

✅ Share what makes your brand relate to your customers story

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Robert & Alek
CEO Sphere



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