7 Sales Tips I Wish I Read When I was 22

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These are the tips I wish I read about sales when I was 22...


1. Family and friends are the easiest cutomers

Whenever starting a business, the easiest sale would be to the people who already trust you.

If the product is relevant, offer it to them!


2. People will buy you more than they buy your product

If people like you, they are more willing to buy from you.

In fact, they are willing to reject other offers which are better, just because they like you and your personality.


3. Buyers focus on the perceived value, more than the actual price

Everything and anything can be expensive and cheap for different people.

Person A, hates football: a shirt signed by messi holds no value to them.

Person B, loves football: is willing to pay $10000 for that same shirt.


4. To sell more, you need to connect with more people

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful sales drivers.


5. Treat sales, like you would treat dating

If you know that she won't marry you on the first date......then why would pitch in the first message?


6. At least 50% of the people you speak with, are not a good fit for your service

Yes, rejection is natural because not everyone will fit the criteria to work with you. Accept it!


7. Sales is a combination of other skills

If you want to make more money, sell better and become a great salesman:

  • Learn Psychology
  • Practice Empathy
  • Become Confident
  • Study Persuasion
  • Increase Charisma
  • Communicate Well

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