7 Sales Secrets The Gurus Never Speak About

Image Credits: Freepik

1. Being poor is often a gift.

Being poor is ok.

But, staying poor is not ok.

If you know how it feels, use this as a motivation fuel to get rich.


2. More followers does equal more sales

If you have the right skills that is.


3. People buy from people who appear knowledgeable

This is why there are so many people who are disappointed.

Great markiting is awesome, but you need to be able to deliver results after!


4. Many people are on the brink of buying from you

You just have not told them enough about the chance of working with you.

Repetition is key.


5. Sales, like any other skill, is dependent on practice

If you don't practice sales, you probably won't make a lot of sales.


6. Most gurus sell with fake promises

Ever heard about the famous 10K months in a week?

Well, it ain't real lol


7. Best way to sell is to guide people towards a decision

The majority of people know they have some problem but they struggle to identify what is holding them back.

Find that. Express it. Get the sale!


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