7 Mind-Blowing Secrets To Make People Remember You Forever

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If you want people to remember your brand, become the bad habit people can’t break.

Here’s how…


01. Don’t be afraid to be different 

We are all conditioned from a young age to fit in. As you grow older you’ll realise it’s your differences that people find magnetic.

  • Show off your weird 
  • Ignore opinions that lock up your uniqueness
  • When everyone is doing x, try doing y


02. Use the element of surprise

The element of surprise causes us to freeze for 1/25th of a second. During that time emotions intensify up 400 percent.

Imagine how memorable you’ll be if you can amplify your audiences 400%. 

  • Break your normal routine to invite something new 
  • Use controversial topics to get people talking
  • Your audience should know you’ll be there. But should NOT know what or when to expect 


03. Don’t underestimate small acts 

We often neglect the smallest gestures.

That short text to a friend, looking into someone eyes and appreciating their every word.

It’s the small acts that will make you stand out more than the rest.


04. Having a clear vision

People gravitate toward those that know where they are headed. It provides a sense of certainty, in an uncertain world. 

  • Set ambitious goals.
  • Picture the impact you want to make and then work backwards
  • Speak about where you see your future heading 
  • Trust your instincts. Lean into that gut feeling and take action. It’s better than standing still.


05. Being bold

Confidence is attractive, and magnetic.

  • Not being afraid to share your voice 
  • Fighting for your beliefs and standing against issues in the world you don’t believe in
  • Passionately expressing what change you plan to make in the world 


06. Be competitive

Don’t wait for success to come to you. Work harder and smarter than the rest, and success will come your way.

  • Identify what works. Steal the process NOT the result
  • Find where other suck, and become the best at it.
  • Find what makes you different to others 
  • ALWAYS compete with yourself and be better every single day


07. Trigger Emotions 

We never remember what you say, but we remember how you make us feel.

  • Use words that inspire others 
  • Make jokes, we love laughter 
  • If you’re going to make us cry. Then make sure there is a positive intention
  • Peek-a-boo! Don’t forget to surprise your audience


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