7 Little Known Tips To Make Customers Fall in Love With You Immediately

A psychology guide to get more customers to buy from you:

1. Label your customers.

- People want to feel part of a group. 

- Speak specifically to the type of customer you want to attract. 

Labelling allows your ideal customer to feel like you serve exactly what they need.

2. Play devil's advocate.

- Speak about what your product can't do vs what it can do. 

- Makes you come across as more transparent and trustworthy. 

This shows confidence and knowledge in your product and that you are not trying to mislead customers.

3. Use the loss-aversion bias. 

People are more likely to take action when there is something to lose over something to be gained. 

- Reframe wins as losses

- Mention the knock-on effects of not 

taking action. 

- Explain the opportunities that would be missed if they don't buy

4. Play hard to get

People desire more what they can't have.

- Make your product seem like an enticing challenge.

- It makes the reward sweeter when customers finally get it.

Example: Starbucks made their Unicorn Frappuccino impossible to buy in certain countries.

5. The Benjamin Franklin effect

People are more invested when they do favours for you. (Not the other way around)

- Ask for something small, like feedback.

- Build on the first favour, ask for a little more.

- Gradually lead people to a paid solution.

6. Rule out a user group

Tell a target demographic they can't have your product.

- Plays on jealousy.

- Makes people feel left out (people will do anything to avoid this)

- Uses reverse psychology to build interest.

7. Make yourself scarce.

- Being less available makes your brand more attractive.

- Don't try to serve everyone. 

- Say no more often to customers you don't want to work with.

- Respect your time. 

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