7 Branding Tips That Influence Customers, Win Hearts, And Make You Extremely Profitable!

Branding is a key business skill. Learning it will make you millions.

Here are 7 branding tips that influence customers, win hearts, and make you extremely profitable:

Tip #1: Focus on first and last impression.

People are more likely to remember the first and last thing you say. Anything in between is often forgotten. Here's how you apply it: 

- Lead with strong opening titles. 

- Start and end sentences with the most important information.

Tip #2: Focus Internally First. 

This means focusing on:

- Building your Team

- Creating a thriving work Culture

- Having Standard Operating Procedures in place

A happy team creates happy customers.

Tip #3: “People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” 

– Theodore Levitt.

The lesson here is that people don't want your product, they want the result of your product.

Tip #4. Create your brand identity around a lifestyle

It might look like brands like Nike sell to everyone. 

If you look closer though you'll notice that their message targets a highly specific audience.

- A shared lifestyle builds common ground and sparks interest

Tip #5. Subtle branding is more attractive

As the owner of a business nothing makes us prouder to show off our logo. 

However, studies have shown that your customers don't respond kindly to large logos. 

Heavy branding feels salesy. Keep it subtle to attract customers.

Tip #6. Build two brands at the same time. 

Your business brand, and your personal brand. 

- Your personal brand attracts people.

- Your business brand serves customers 

Both work in harmony to create a successful business.

Tip #7. Sell the meaning behind your logo.

A logo on its own doesn't say much.

By digging deeper into the meaning of your business, you can create a symbol that means something to your customers.

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