6 Lessons Disney Taught Me About Building a Profitable Brand

1. A common enemy attracts customers

Unite against a bad guy to attract more customers. 

- Identify a common problem.

- Make the problem sinister. 

- Show customers your plan to beat the problem. 

The bigger the problem, the more customers you'll attract. 

2. People buy the whole experience. 

- People don't buy into logos. 

- People don't buy into colour palettes, or fonts. 

- People buy into the whole experience. 

Every detail counts towards building a brand. 

3. The money is in the feelings. 

- People don't remember what you say. 

- They barely remember what you do. 

- People remember how you make them feel. 

A good feeling will always lead to more sales

4. People buy from people. 

We don't buy from Disney, we buy into the characters behind the brand. 

- Build a personal brand. 

- Connect personally with your customers

- Build trust and the sales will come. 

The future of business is personal.

5. Never miss an upsell. 

Disney don't just sell movies. 

They sell movies, streaming services, products, and experiences

Always have a plan for what customers should buy next to increase profits.

6. Stories sell. 

All great businesses have a story to tell. 

Pixar Storytelling Framework: 

- Problem. Tell people what problem made you start your business. 

- Conflict. Talk about what you wanted to achieve, but couldn’t as a result of the problem you were facing. 

- Create Tension. Mention the exact roadblocks that held you back from progress.

- Turning Point. This is where you will have come to a realization that you are done being held back by the problem faced.

- The Solution. Explain the solution you found that solves the problem. 

- The Call to Action. Encourage your customers to join your vision and tackle the problem together. 

- Resolution. Show what the world now looks like without the existence of the problem. 

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