5 Habits That Will Make Your Brand More Successful Than Jeff Bezos

1. Be direct with what you want

When building your business it's important to state exactly what you want.

This means:

  1. Asking customers to buy
  2. Asking what you could do better
  3. Asking why your customers didn't buy.


2. Focus on the results

Most businesses are vague about exactly what results they bring their customers.

Ask yourself how you quantitatively impact the bottom line of your customers.

Then communicate it to customers to build your reputation around bringing results.


3. Take action more than planning.

When creating a new product or service its easy to get stuck in planning stages.

❌ Planning a million theories will not bring your brand success.

✅ Put an idea to work and learn from the outcome


4. Focus on the journey.

We live in a time of instant gratification, as a result, this has led us to expecting instant success.

❌ Create a piece of content = brand will go viral

❌ Launch a product = sales are going to roll in on the first try

This leads to failed expectations. Focusing on your journey allows your business to grow the way it was intended, you gradually build your story, and have a tale to share when you get your big break.


5. Use the word "you" more in copy

When people make purchase decisions they are subconsciously trying to imagine themselves in the future outcome of any copy you write.

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