5 Unique Tips to Close More Sales Fast

1.Use the assumptive close

Whenever asking for a payment at the end of your sales calls, do NOT do this:

• ❌  Wanna start work? Do you like it?

• ✅ Instead, assume that they will work with you, and give them 2 options. Both options favourable to you.

"Which package would you like to invest in? A or B?"


2. Use the, no-risk, full benefit close

Lay out all the benefits of your programme, and add a guarantee on top.

Only then, reveal the price and ask:

How would you like to pay, paypal or card? 


3. Same boat, row ahead close

Present someone who was in the exact same situation as them. Then showcase their transformation, and say:

"Rob was in the exact same situation as you, he was looking for X, Y and Z. Fast forward 3 months after, those are his results. If you are looking for similar results, let's start Monday" 


4. You are privileged close

Make them see that the sole reason of them being able to afford your service, is a privilege they should take.

"You being here, and in a position to do this, it's already great. You deserve this, and I am looking forward to us working together."


5. Third party close

Persuade their best friend or partner to help them make a buying decision.

"Hey Linda, you know Mark best. is he the type of guy who would deserve something like this? - He seems like he works hard."

Linda says 'Yes', because she loves her husband. Mark is now convinced to buy. 



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