5 Reasons Why Your Business Isn't Growing

1. You're pitching your product too soon

This keeps clients running away from you.

Instead, ask quality questions to understand exactly what they need.

Then provide solutions according to those needs.


2. You're only talking about you when reaching out to potential clients

If you want to convert more leads into clients, be a really good listener.

Allow them to express their frustration, as often times, they will communicate exactly what they want from you.


3. You're not following-up with value

80% of all deals require 6 to 12 points of contact in order for people to buy from you.

Follow-up is essential, and you need to do it by adding value to the customer:

❌ "Just checking in to see what's up!

✅ "I saw this article that I thought would be useful to you, let me know if you like it? "


4. You're not asking quality questions on sales calls

Talking about the weather it's great, but ineffective when it comes to business.

Instead, ask questions which help you to get closer to closing the deal. Example:

  1. How long have you had this problem?
  2. What have you tried to solve it?
  3. What would be an ideal scenario? 


5. You're not offering the solution because of fear

Not asking for payment is costing you a lot of deals. Shift your mindset:

Become a person of service, and understand that if you do not help the person, they will continue having a problem.

People need you, and are willing to pay to work with you! 


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