5 Questions for ANY Business to Attract Premium Customers

Many new businesses try to get in front of too many people...

 This is a mistake

A message that speaks to everyone has your audience looking like: 

When you try to reach everyone, no one feels spoken to.

Define ONE person and address them in your marketing message >>>

Prompts to define your ONE ideal customer:

  • What is your ideal customers current situation?
  • What is their dream state?
  • What is the unknown part of the problem keeping them from their dream state?
  • How does your product/service solve their problems?
  • How does your product/service carry them to their dream state?

One message that resonates with 1,000 customers is more effective than a thousand different messages that reach none.

The best way to attract premium customers ⏬

1️⃣ Start with one customer

2️⃣ Know what their life looks like

3️⃣ Know what they aspire to achieve

4️⃣ Position your product as a bridge. By using marketing yo communicate your brand takes your customer from current reality to desired reality

5️⃣ Prove you can make it happen.

6️⃣ Use social proof, case studies, testimonials to help potential customers believe you

7️⃣ Repeat the process

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