5 Marketing Psychology Techniques That Make Your Customers Buy

1. People don't like being told what to do. Try asking more questions. 

 Asking questions gives your customers a choice. Meaning your customers are far more likely to take action. 

2. Create a common enemy in your marketing so that your customers feel understood. 

✅ People advocate for brands with a clear enemy. 

✅ It makes customers feel like you're on their side. 

✅ Most importantly, it makes customers feel heard.

3. Use the small daily equivalence effect. 

✅ Break down your product/service price to a daily amount.

✅ Compare your offer to a low cost commodity, like a cup of coffee for instance. 

✅ This makes your product sound less costly, therefore easier to buy.

4. Use the many small "yes-es" technique. 

Try getting your customers to say yes to something small first. 

Slowly work your way to more expensive options.

5. Use the Endowment effect.

People place a higher value on something that they've made themselves or contributed to creating. 

✅ Make your products a collaborative effort. 

✅ Use wording such as "your" or "my" to create a sense of ownership.

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Robert & Alek
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