3 Lies "Experts" Will Tell You When Marketing Your Business Online

As you begin your journey in marketing your business online and begin building your brand you will hear a lot of lies that will make you question "am I doing this right"? 

Here are 3 of the worst to avoid believing and the truths behind each lie. 


Marketing Lie #1

❌ People don't read, they scan

This one makes an appearance now and again and it paints a bad picture of good marketing.

If this were true all necessary information would be scanned and never read... 

Good marketing isn't about keeping everything short and to the point.

It's about knowing when to keep it short and simple and when to explain more with key information the reader needs to know.

Marketing Truth

✅ People read what matters

They cut out the noise and only read info they want the most. 


Marketing Lie #2

✖️ You must find a niche to start your business

While you continue to overthink, other people have already started building their brand

You don't need anything 😅 however by starting at least you can experiment, see who shows interest in your product and start building an accurate profile on who your ideal customers are.

Marketing Truth

✅ Niching is a process

It happens over time.

  1. Take action, appeal to who you think you'd like to serve.
  2. Learn who resonates the most.
  3. Adapt.


Marketing Lie #3

✖️ People buy on emotion

If this were true, you could make a customer happy and they'd buy instantly...

Our intuition is a lot smarter, we can smell a bad deal even when you put emotions in front of us.

Marketing Truth

✅ Customer buy when you appeal to both emotion and logic

Tell the story of a past customer. Stories sell directly to our intuition (the combination of both logic & emotion). Then close with facts, deliverables, exactly what your customer will get.


Bonus myth.

❌ Sell to one customer.

✅ Big brands don't sell to one person. They have diverse Audiences. Start small then expand.


What myth have you heard all too often that confuses you? Feel free to email us questions at any time [email protected]

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