20 Sales Terms You Need To Know

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To sell more you must understand sales first.

Here's your free guide to understanding sales:

1. Prospecting: searching for clients.

2. Inbound: potential client who approached you.

3. Gatekeeper: the person who controls the access to the decision-maker.

4. Decision-maker: the main person who takes the decision to purchase or not.

5. Follow-up: the process in which you persuade a prospect to purchase your product.

6. B2B: a business which mainly sells to business directly.

7.  B2C: a business which mainly sells to individuals directly.

8. Outbound: a potential client you approached (hunting)!

9. Closing: the part of the sale in which prospects agree to becoming a client.

10. Objection: a potential disagreement from the prospect.

11. CRM: customer relationship management. A system which collects customer data, with the goal to improve net profit.

12. Conversion:  the process of turning a prospect into a client.

13. Call Closing Ratio: The percentage of deals closed out during sales calls. Client says "YES" and PAYS.

14. Discount: something you should NOT give for your services...

15. Cold email: email sent to a prospect who doesn't know about us.

16. Gross margin: total sales without cost of goods sold.

17. Net profit: total amount of money earned after all costs.

18. Lead: a prospects which shows interest in your services.

19. Lead gen / generation: different activities aimed at generating attention about your services.

20. Lead nurture: the process of developing a lasting relationship with the prospect.

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