Anyone else looking to earn a passive income and make money every night without having to lift a finger?

If you love the idea of working for others your entire life that's great, this book is not for you! 

If, however, you want to wake up to several Paypal or Stripe notifications showing you the insane amount of money you've generated without having to lift a finger.  Then this is for you!



"I can't believe this is even possible!"

Both Alek and I were brought up in families where we were led to believe you need to work hard and get a real job.

A less-wiser Alek and Robbie would have definitely continued down this path, but the truth is if you have knowledge of any kind... You can monetise it!

That's exactly what we learned when we launched the CEO Sphere shop. 


$5,000 in 3 days

This shook me a little if I'm honest!

Especially considering we didn't run any ads, we marketed the shop organically and in just 3 days... crazy!

What we did do, however, is apply a sneaky trick...

We used the power of the community we had built to get dedicated promoters on board that advocate for what we do!

We generated thousands of clicks in just a matter of minutes! Out of those clicks almost 600 new buyers... not bad if you ask me!


Point is, passive income is the way forward.

Now look, maybe you're like the old Alek and I... You don't quite understand the potential you have inside you to make crazy money.

Maybe you haven't realised yet that you don't have to work 8+ hours a day, spend 2-3 hours extra commuting to and from work, only to get paid pennies!

Or maybe you are on the fence, looking for that one sign to finally make the leap. That's why we put this guide together.

We want to show you that it's possible to NOT have to trade your precious time in exchange for a paycheck that we both know should be getting a lot more.

This book is Alek and I's collective knowledge on how we managed to build our 'little slice of passive income. And how you can do it too, easily!

Rather than spending hours going through theory, we made this whole ebook as actionable as possible.

It's an entire roadmap that you can check off as you reach each stage of your passive income empire.

Digital ebook testimonial

Senuka Rathnayake

This ebook sets a strong base for a 6, 7 or more figure Digital Empire. It makes everything clear and easy. I love how it contains a lot of examples to help you understand and also actionable exercises that make it very interesting. If anyone has a plan to build an empire around what they are passionate about, this shouldn’t be missed.

"Will I get the same results?" 

That depends... Building your own passive income is not about working extremely hard, it's about working smart, building a product that is field-tested, and has demand.

A lot of people are able to build insanely profitable products that generate thousands overnight, others do not. 

I believe that's the case with anything in life.

Unfortunately, I think this is due to the fact that most people don't do their research before releasing their products and they don't spend enough time knowing what their audience needs.

Not to mention many even give up at the first hurdle when they don't see a single sale!

All of Alek and I's successful students have one thing in common:

They work smart!

Like with everything in life, individual results vary so I'm not about to make any claims that say you can generate 5k+ in 3 days.

How much you make with our book is up to how much time you invest into applying everything we've laid out for you. 

What you are getting?

  • 100+ page action plan to build your empire.
  • Building a strategy from scratch for personal/business brand.
  • Finding your passion and putting it to action.
  • Actionable formulas to succeed in business.
  • Secret techniques to making sales.
  • Step-by-step guidance to automating your business.
  • Important mindset shifting techniques.
  • The key to turning attention into CASH.
  • A full walkthrough on how to form habits with your audience to create products that sell.
  • Unrevealed Content Marketing strategies.
  • Strategies to differentiate your brand.
  • A roadmap to financial freedom.
  • Complete Guide to making money passively
  • Our formula on how we made $5k in just 3 days.

Brand Mastery

With 10+ years of experience in Brand Strategy, we give you the step-by-step to building a dream brand.

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Business Mastery

We've failed in our business a lot, and we've learnt valuable lessons. It's time to save YOU years of failure and nightmares.

Monetisation Mastery

Our roadmap on how we built a product that generated $5k in just 3 days.

Whoah, that's a lot!! 

You're right, that's a lot of proven and field-tested strategies to build your passive income stream

And we guarantee it's unlike anything you've seen before.

Unlike other ebooks or courses, this is a complete step-by-step that covers every single aspect of passive income. We reveal every single secret, every trick and every strategy that works for me and for all my students.

Passive Income Guide


  • 100+ page guide to building your passive income empire
  • The collective knowledge of over 10+ years in marketing
  • Never before seen content marketing strategies.
  • A complete guide to generating insane awareness on your products! 
  • Our strategies that enable us to generate $5k in 3 days

Our guarantee to you

This book is Alek and I's collective knowledge on how we built our brands on social media and turned it into a consistent sales generator. 

If you follow our roadmap and put in the work you will see results for your business. 

Yes, by purchasing this book you acknowledge you will be taking your first leap into building a profitable business.

Yes by purchasing this book you gain the collective knowledge of over 10 years in marketing so you can avoid rookie mistakes and market your brand successfully.

Yes, you are ready to earn passive income and need the guidance to get there. 

If you are ready to walk the passive income journey with us. Buy now. Our book will not stay at $47 much longer. Prices are set to rise when the timer runs out. If you snooze, you will lose money. 

Digital ebook testimonial

Moses David

This has to be one of the most practical books I've read. The actionable step by step guide, infographics, leaving little to no room for you to think about multiple "but how" questions or what next to do and the fact that after applying the automation strategies, dreaming while making money becomes possible is outstanding!

You should have taken action yesterday...

Because yesterday, people already made $1000s with this book, while you were wondering what you should do next today. Every moment you spend scratching your head, thinking if you should buy, others are taking action to LEARN and EARN. 

Success only depends on the choice you make today. 

We will see you on the winning side, that is if you decide to win big. Oh, just don't complain if you miss the offer, we warned you.

Digital ebook testimonial

George Hlongwane

Practicality is the key to success. This book gets you from imagining to realizing. Highly recommend if you want to chase those dreams and profit again and again - even while you sleep

You owe yourself happiness, right?

Although working long hours often is not bad, how many hours are too many hours? - Your body will feel it, your mind will too.

It's time to automate and dominate.